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Human DNA actually hides encrypted information of aliens

A few days ago, Australian astrobiologist Paul Davis published an astonishing point in the latest issue of "New Scientist": Alien civilizations may have written their "history of rise and fall" and "welcome words" to humans. In our human cell DNA, only when human technology has reached a certain stage, can we understand the "encryption" left by alien in our DNA. Information"!

   photoelectric communication is too primitive

   It is reported that Davis believes that this view of his should be seriously considered by the scientific community. For more than 40 years, astronomers from all over the world have tirelessly searched the vast space with astronomical telescopes, hoping to capture the photoelectric information sent by an alien civilization to the earth.

   The scientists of the US "SETI" research program even initiated the so-called "Phoenix Project", using astronomical telescopes to search for laser signals that may be emitted by aliens in outer space. However, so far, all searches have failed.

Davis believes that this futile result is reasonable, because if other galaxies really have extraterrestrial civilization, then extraterrestrial technology is likely to be millions or even hundreds of millions of years ahead of mankind. It is hard to believe that it has such an advanced technology. Civilized alien intelligent creatures will use "primitive" radios or lasers to communicate with people on Earth.

Human DNA hides encrypted information of aliens

   should look for evidence left by aliens from oneself

   In view of this, astronomer Paul Davis proposed that we should look for information that aliens may leave from our surroundings, such as certain geological environments on the earth, or even in our cells.

If alien intelligent creatures reach the earth, according to the physical and chemical environment of the earth at that time, aliens may use a certain technology to leave some information on the earth, and we can use some indirect evidence to speculate that it is the science of an alien civilization Traces left by technology.

   If alien intelligent creatures are our immediate neighbors, they may have arrived on Earth hundreds of millions of years ago, just like we landed today