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France suspected of "alien base"

   If the end of the world really comes in 2012, where should humans take refuge? Recently, there has been a rumor among UFO fans in the world that the small village of Bigarache in southern France is the only doomsday refuge in the world. There will be aliens waiting here, and perhaps some lucky ones will be taken away. Escaped the catastrophe. For this reason, this place with only 189 residents attracted thousands of tourists, and even foreigners bought properties here.

   As early as the famous Hollywood director Spielberg’s science fiction film "The Third Kind of Contact" mentioned Bigarash, there was a wave of chasing aliens here. According to local officials, an elderly person in the village claimed to have seen UFO take off and land. There are rumors on the Internet that former French President Mitterrand once landed here secretly by helicopter, and that former Nazi organizations and Israel’s Mossad also conducted secret exploration here. Many UFO fans believe that the village’s 4000-foot-high Bigarashi Peak is actually a base for aliens, with spacecraft hidden inside, which will help humans survive the disaster.

French suspected "alien ba<em></em>se"

  Bigalash Peak is considered to be the base of aliens

   After the movie "2012" was screened, many people were convinced that the ancient Mayan calendar took December 21, 2012 as the end of the world. As the days approached, Bigarashi became more lively. The rich have bought out the real estate near the village, and the local hotels are also full. What's even more bizarre is that every time night falls, various religious ceremonies begin to be staged here, and the "priests" talk about the scenes of the end.

   The liveliness of the village left the locals at a loss. "This is not a joke. If 10,000 people pour into our small village of less than 200 people tomorrow, we will definitely not be able to handle it." Dilord, the head of Bigaras Village, said that local residents have already complained about the damage caused by foreign tourists. The beautiful scenery of the village, so he hopes that the government can send troops to block the roads in and out of the village when the "doom" comes in December 2012.