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Aliens on the bottom of Bermuda?

A flat-topped pyramid with a height of 42 meters and a length of 54 meters on each side was sleeping under the water of nearly 400 meters. In addition, wharves, port equipment relics and marble statues were found. According to the analysis of seabed limestone near the Bahamas, it was proved that it existed in the air 12,000 years ago, which means that it was once land. Those imaginative explorers suspect that the "Great Westerners" may still be living on the bottom of Bermuda. Many people suspect that the unexplained remains of "ancient super civilization" are masterpieces of extraterrestrial wisdom, and the people in Daxi are aliens, then Daxi is the aliens on the earth On the base. If we start from this hypothesis, the many unexplainable mysteries before us will be more intriguing.

   The image of Daxi people in the game. Paleoanthropologists speculate that there may have been a Great Western race, including Irish, Welsh, Breton, Basque, Andalusian, and Berber. These people have a common ethics and speak a similar dialect with a heavy guttural tone. Certain sounds in the dialect are not in the Greek-Latin language family, but these same weird sounds can be found in the Mayan language of Yucatan. Some UFO experts believe that the first ancestors of these people came from extraterrestrials, and later lived a burrowing life in an undersea cave.

The alien on the bottom of Bermuda?

   The relief statue of the ancient Nordic people, it is very similar to the cultural relics unearthed in the South Pacific and the crafts of Africa. According to ethnologists, all races all over the world come from the same race—the Daxi race. This phenomenon is not surprising.