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Uncovering the mystery of Russian "alien ice corpse"

   A video of "Siberian alien ice corpse" started to be uploaded on the Internet a few days ago. The video was originally streamed from a Russian website, and then it began to be madly forwarded. A few days ago, this mystery was finally solved. It turned out to be just a prank: the so-called "alien" was actually stuffed with bread in the disguise of chicken skin.

   The "Alien Ice Corpse" video was released on the 17th by two residents living in the Irkutsk region of Siberia, Russia. They said they found the corpse while walking. In a very short period of time, the number of people who clicked to watch quickly reached 700,000. From the screenshots of the video, you can see that the appearance of the "alien" is similar to the science fiction film "E.T. The alien in "is very similar, and his "corpse" is half-buried in the snow, his body is naked, his limbs are slender, his skin is light brown, and his body is waxy and melted. The "corpse" was about 0.6 meters long, had a broken right leg, only two holes in its eyes, and its head looked like a human skull.

Uncover the mystery of Russian "alien ice corpse"