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Is it reasonable to think that the existence of aliens is reasonable?

Although many people claim to have seen UFOs, there is still no conclusive evidence, such as intact flying saucers or flying saucer fragments, living or dead bodies of aliens, special radio signals from outside the earth, and so on. Some people say that these things are originally there, but they are not visible to the public because they are hidden as top secret by governments of various countries. If this statement is true, UFOs do exist, but the news itself cannot be /confirm/ied.

For the public, since there is not enough evidence, it is obviously too early to conclude that UFOs exist. It is at best a conjecture to say that UFOs exist.

The problem is that this conjecture is not easy to falsify: it is true if you show evidence, but you can't say it is false if you don't show evidence, because the evidence may indeed exist, but it has not been found yet. In addition, some people claimed to have talked with aliens, saw alien activities, took pictures of UFOs, were operated on by aliens, etc. When vetoing the evidence presented by these witnesses, sometimes they were unable to let them They are convinced. You say that seeing aliens is an illusion, and the photos you take are airplanes or light refraction. What is the proof? After all, psychology and optics cannot fully explain these phenomena, let alone reproduce this phenomenon, which also increases the difficulty of falsification.

Because of the difficulty of falsification, for similar conjectures, it is fair to verify that it should be strict. Otherwise, a certain person can make the opposite judgment on anything, and no matter what the facts are, he will always have a 50% correct rate. Strict verification means that the person who proposed the conjecture is responsible for providing evidence. only by producing conclusive evidence can we believe in the authenticity of the conjecture. Otherwise, the conjecture is unfounded and illusory

. It is obviously unjustified to convince people with ethereal words. In the sense that it is impossible to /confirm/i, but everyone is convinced, this approach is not even enlightened by normal religious propaganda.

However, if you equate UFOs with aliens or gods and think that they are all human fantasy, this view is biased.

If a UFO exists and it is not made by the people of the earth (because the author has seen reports that it is a transport vehicle developed secretly by the Soviet Union), then aliens do exist; however, even without UFOs, aliens may exist. The conjecture of the existence of UFO originates from the existence of aliens, but the conjecture of the existence of aliens does not originate from UFOs, but from the theory of the origin of life