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It is difficult for aliens to find the earth

The world-famous ‘ET Hunter’ claimed that Aliens have become more and more difficult to find the earth.

Alien expert Dr. Frank Drake said that due to the digital revolution, the signal that humans transmit to space is gradually weakening. As a result, the "little green men" in outer space could not detect these signals at all.

Drake said that the earth has always been surrounded by a radiant ‘shell’ about 50 light-years wide. These radiation sources include transmission signals from analog TV, radio and radar. These signals can extend to nearby star systems, but they are now disappearing and weakening.

Drake explained that the analog transmission of old TVs can generate 1 million watts of radiation, but the digital transmission is much weaker. The function of the satellite is to transmit the signal back to the earth; almost no signal can escape into space.

Drake said: ‘The amount of radiation actually escaping now is about two watts, which is not much more than the amount of radiation emitted by your mobile phone. If this development continues in the future, aliens will soon be completely unable to detect our world. ’

Drake said that he believes in the existence of intelligent life outside the earth. Alien civilizations may be far more advanced than ours, and their analog signal televisions may be obsolete as early as possible. This in turn means that it is becoming more and more difficult for us to find information about them in the digital age.

Drake, who founded the Search for Extra-terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) in the United States 50 years ago, said at an alien conference held by the Royal Society in London: “We want to find more More galaxies, more frequencies. ’