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Producers of Mayan documentary provide photos that prove aliens

The producer said that their film will reveal evidence of contact between the Mayans and aliens, and has now posted the photo to TheWrap, claiming that it is a photo of a former Maya and an alien civilization .

Photo provided by    producer Raul Julia Levi (left), he said it was taken in the 1930s in southern Guatemala, a carved head in the jungle.
  According to a cover letter from the archaeologist Hector E. Mejia, the head can be traced back to 3500 to 5000 BC, which is a different evidence from any known superior civilization on the earth.

  Mejia described the photo as "At first glance, it can be seen that there is an elongated skull and excellent characteristics, which do not match the pre-Hispanic race in the Americas."
"I confirm that this avatar does not have the characteristics of Maya, Nahuatl, Olmec, or any other pre-Spanish civilization. It was created by an extraordinary civilization with awesome knowledge, but did not stay on this planet. Download any record."
   This photo is evidence that Julia Levi will show in the documentary, and he worked with the governments of Mexico and Guatemala to reveal 2012.
   Julia Levi, the son of actor Raul Julia said: "This reveals who we are and explains why these large monuments are all over the world."
   Julia Levi then directly cited evidence that he claimed to be from Stephen Hawking, saying that he "will work with us" and will be included in his film. "I warn humans that aliens do exist. only because aliens were friends of the Mayans,
   does not mean that they are our friends. Humans should avoid contact with aliens at all costs. "
   An email was sent to Hawking’s agent asking if the citation was true, but no response was received.
   Hawking has said in the past that aliens are likely to exist in the universe ("For my mathematical brain, the numbers themselves make the existence of aliens appear very normal"), and speculated the danger of contact.
   "If aliens have visited us," Hawking said, "I think the result may be similar to Columbus's first landing in the Americas. Native Americans will not end very well."
   TheWrap could not find an example that Hawking said that aliens had contact with the Mayans or were friends with the Mayans.
   But Julia Levi insisted that it was Hawking's words. He also claimed a government conspiracy surrounding the photos and avatars: after the photos were taken in the late 1930s, he said that the photos had been published once in a magazine, and the magazine was immediately taken over by the "Government of England"
   is discontinued.
   He also said that the head in the photo, 17 meters high and 6 meters wide, is no longer in the jungle of Guatemala, but was moved to the United States and hidden.
   "I was told by government officials in Guatemala that the U.S. government brought it here," he said.