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Six phenomena indicate the existence of aliens

In addition to strict science, Seth Sosto, a senior astronomer of the SETI Society, will attract the younger generation to love space science in the film, and explore whether there are really aliens. The following 6 major signs indicate that aliens may exist.

Netease Exploration, December 15 According to foreign media reports, in the sci-fi thrilling film "The Day the Earth Stood Still" produced by Fox Pictures in the 20th century, an alien named Kratod Visited the earth and saved mankind himself. Seth Sostock, a senior astronomer from the SETI Society, said that although this story is a science fiction story, the increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has led to increasing global warming. He believes that it is less than 50 light years away. If extraterrestrials exist, they will definitely be concerned about global warming.

Sostock also said that in addition to strict science, the movie will attract the younger generation to love space science and explore whether aliens really exist. The following 6 major signs indicate that aliens may exist.

1. The brilliant stars in the sky indicate that alien life may exist

Sostock pointed out that although there is no direct evidence to prove the existence of life outside the earth, the universe is home to many stars. Research in the past few decades has shown that about half of stars have habitable planets. Sostock estimates that there are 1 trillion planets in the Milky Way alone. He said: "Some of these planets are experiencing the birth of life just like the Earth, and eventually what we call scientific life will appear." This sky map taken by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope shows a group of young stars in our galaxy.

2. There is a water world around the solar system

We know that water is the basic substance that constitutes life. And liquid water is ubiquitous in our solar system. For example, there is evidence that there may be liquid water flowing under Mars. There is a liquid ocean on Europa, suggesting that there may be life on it. The Ganymede and Callisto moons of Jupiter also have liquid water. In addition, Titan and Enceladus are also full of water. There is even a little water in the atmosphere of Venus. Sostock stated that our backyard has water on 7 other planets, so this is encouraging news.

3. Life is evolving rapidly on the earth

Scientists estimate that the earth is about 4.5 billion years old. The earliest evidence of its life comes from the 3.4 billion-year-old bacterial mat in the Australian stack. Because bacteria are biologically complex life, scientists believe that they formed life prematurely and established themselves on the earth. Sostock said this shows that the evolution of life is proceeding rapidly. Of course the earth is lucky, other planets are not so lucky.