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Queen and his wife are exposed to love UFO

According to the British "Daily Mail" report on March 31, the wedding of Prince William and his fiancee Kate Middleton will be held on April 29. There will be many celebrities and dignitaries to attend the wedding. The audience watching the live broadcast of the wedding is expected. Will exceed 1 billion. A former British air force major said recently that UFOs (UFO) will also come to William's wedding.

  This person's name is George Farrer, and he is now the head of the "National UFO Center" organization in the United Kingdom. According to him, whenever major events occur on the earth, such as the Libyan crisis and the Japanese tsunami, they will arouse great interest in aliens. So he thinks that at this royal wedding, it is very likely that aliens will be found.

   The UFO center where Farrer is located receives more than 1,000 UFO sighting reports every month. A new situation in the past few weeks has made him more convinced of his inference, because a Royal Air Force pilot reported seeing UFOs near the English Channel.

Aliens in the famous science fiction movie "E.T"
   He further broke the news that the British royal family actually has a "root" with UFOs. According to his memories, one day in 1961 or 1962, Prince Philip received Farre and his colleagues, who were the navigator of the tanker at the time, after dinner. Farrer said that in that meeting, Prince Philip talked about UFOs. "The prince told us that the Royal Air Force now prohibits fighter jets from pursuing UFOs because some aircraft "have no return". But tankers can, because tankers and fighter jets have the same speed and can carry 15 hours of fuel, while fighter jets only Can fly for 2 hours.” Prince Philip also said that his uncle had seen some UFOs.

   Another well-known "Cropfield Circle" researcher also proved that the Queen and Prince Philip are very curious about UFOs, and said that this may be related to their personal experience. He said that the queen had read a book about crop circles he wrote, and even wrote him a letter. But the British government and royal family spokespersons denied that the Queen and his wife are interested in aliens.