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The kidnapping of aliens in Beijing?

Speaking of the encounters of people on earth with aliens, we must think it is nonsense, but there is a little-known incident: a young man in the suburbs of Beijing Cao Gong was brought into a flying saucer by an alien.
According to reports, a young man named Cao in Beijing was hijacked by aliens on a spacecraft on a night in 1999. On the spacecraft, he also saw another Chinese girl with a pale face and a haggard face. Is seriously ill. The reason why the aliens hijacked Cao Gong might be that he wanted to use cosmic rays to treat the girl, because Cao Gong knew a little medicine. Is this incident true or false? Afterwards, relevant researchers conducted experiments such as regression hypnosis and polygraph on Cao Gong. The experiment proved that there was no subjective fabrication of Cao Gong's narration. However, due to the lack of direct evidence, the authenticity of this incident could not be /confirm/ied.
A reporter from "Science and Technology Daily" interviewed Zhang Jingping, a witness investigator of the "World Chinese UFO Research Association" who was investigating the entire incident.
Event playback
Event 1: Two weirdos enter Cao Gong’s bedroom
According to Cao's self-report, at about 12 o'clock in the evening on December 11, 1999, Cao, who was sleeping, suddenly heard the strange noise of the aluminum alloy glass window. Cao Gong opened his eyes and saw two people standing in front of the bed, both wearing silver-white tight clothes like tin foil. Then, I saw two people walking out from the wall on the north side of the bedroom one after another. Before Cao had time to put on clothes, he followed the two of them floating in the air. He felt that his head seemed to be running at a high speed. The wind was blowing outside the train window.
Event 2: Entering a flying saucer for experimentation
They took Cao Gong to a deserted hilly area. Cao Gong was taken into a large table tennis racket. Here, Cao Gong also found a Chinese girl who looked seriously ill. Suddenly, an alien aimed at Cao Gong's cervical Dazhui acupoint in a remake. Cao Gong immediately felt a rush of heat all over his body, and his arms and palms felt like electric discharges. Then, Cao Gong patted the sick girl's Dazhui acupoint forcefully according to their requirements. Cao Gong's arms became more numb, as if there was electric discharge. Something from his palm and fingers flowed into the girl's Dazhui point. After that, the two aliens sent Cao Gong home.
Evidence investigation
Evidence 1: Hypnosis method to get a detailed plot
Zhang Jingping told reporters: On December 12, 1999, the "Beijing Youth Daily" Weekly published a full-page report on UFO news. After Cao Gong saw it, sweat flowed down and his reaction was strong. Zhang Jingping said: "When I learned that Cao was invited by an alien, I decided to follow the international practice and conduct a hypnotic investigation on the matter, hoping to determine the authenticity of this matter and to learn more about it. Because hypnotism can usually Help the eyewitnesses recall the forgotten episodes of the events they witnessed."
At that time, Zhang Jingping contacted Ma Weixiang, a well-known domestic hypnotist and president of the China Hypnosis Research Association (preparatory). On May 3, 2000, Teacher Ma Weixiang asked Cao Gong to lie down on the bed, using hypnotic sticks and other tools to induce Cao Gong to enter a hypnotic state, and got a more detailed plot.
Evidence 2: Polygraph confirms that Cao Gong did not lie
"In early June 2000, I considered how to further technically handle this incident, that is, using instruments to conduct psychological tests on Cao Gong. I contacted the psychological testing department in mid-August. After several communications and interviews, the department based What we have learned has compiled the questions for the psychological test of Cao Gong." Zhang Jingping said.
On the afternoon of August 30, 2000, Zhang Jingping brought Cao Pact to the center. The department conducted a polygraph on Cao Gong through about 50 questions. It was certain that the incident was not deliberately fabricated in the consciousness of Princess Cao.
Evidence 3: Simulating portrait technology to find evidence
It is true that in December 1999, under the background of unusually frequent UFO activities in China, Cao Gong claimed to have been invited by two aliens to enter the flying saucer, undergoing various experiences of medical experiments, and went through regression hypnosis and psychological tests (lie detection). The technology has been tested and proven, but all of this is circumstantial evidence. Zhang Jingping said: "If the Chinese and foreign police's analog portrait technology can be used to give a portrait of the girl treated by Cao Gong, and find the girl based on the portrait, it will undoubtedly be of great significance for confirming the matter and obtaining more information." Zhang Jingping contacted the Tangshan City Public Security Bureau. Yao Dianyi, who is engaged in simulated portrait work of the Criminal Police Field Investigation Brigade of the Bureau.
On July 15, 2000, Zhang Jingping and Cao Gong arrived in Tangshan by train. In Yao Dianyi's office, according to Cao Gong's description of the face of the girl he met, Yao Dianyi spent nearly four hours painting the portrait of the girl with whom Cao Gongyi had been.
However, looking for this girl is undoubtedly a needle in a haystack. Who the girl really is seems to be a mystery that can never be solved.