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Do ET aliens really exist in the universe?

 Speaking of "extraterrestrial life", people have to dismiss it. However, the wonders, miracles, and visions that have appeared frequently over the years have caused a sensation in the world, and the facts have to cause the scientific community to devote itself to the search and research of "extraterrestrial life"; 1. Are there any ETaliens in the universe based on the records of the ancients?
As early as 7000 years ago, the most amazing rock paintings on the southern end of Helan Mountain and the east of Ningxia Chonggou recorded the life of a clan commune. There are two rotating flying saucers on the upper left of the screen. At the opening of the flying saucer, one is wearing a "space suit". People are floating down, animals and people on the ground are running away in horror, which is very similar to the vivid portrayal of aliens when they appear in the Helan Mountain area.
4000 years ago, the "Supplementary Notes" of Emperor Yao's era recorded: a huge ship-shaped flying object was floating in the sky above the West Sea. The hull was shining brightly and drifted slowly. The people on the ship wore a crown and were covered with white feathers. Without wings, it could soar high in the sky. .
   "Song History. The Five Elements" records that in the six years of Songgan Road, a human monster appeared in Guantang, Xi'an, about ten years high. It landed from high in the sky during the day, walked on the field, and tried to talk to people. Experts believe that this may be an alien wearing a chicken-shaped helmet.
   "The Five Elements" also records a hunt for aliens in March of the 12th year of Kangxi in the Qing Dynasty. At that time, someone saw a black-faced man flying in the air, his body shining red and shining, as if setting fire in the air. When the official arrest quickly heard the news, the man suddenly disappeared.
"Manuscripts of Qing History. Disaster Mischief" contains a case that resembles the report of alien abduction today; in July of the third year of Yongzheng in the Qing Dynasty, a villager and everyone in Liaojiatang, the fifth capital of Lingchuan, went into the mountains to chop bamboo, and suddenly disappeared in full view After more than 140 days, he appeared at home inexplicably, but he spoke no matter how many times he spoke or was grotesque.
Second, why did it appear frequently in the 1950s?
   Scientists can't explain the mystery of "flying saucer" and "space aliens" with any existing laws and logic in the world. Although they appeared sparsely in ancient times, they have often heard information seen by human eyes in recent years. Although there are many reasons to say that the information is better nowadays, people will know it whenever there is a turmoil, so it seems that we see more news about "from outsiders" than before.
   But in recent years, compared with the year in which witnesses were investigated by professional research institutions, in some countries, 2011 has more than doubled the average. As for Clifford Clift, the head of Mutual UFO Network, a well-known UFO research organization in the United States, said: “The average number of incidents per month was 500, but now there are 1013 incidents per month.” He added: “He is not sure what caused the data. Significant increase. Something big may happen,...". I don't know why there were frequent signs of extraterrestrial life in the 1950s. In fact, there is really a book called "The Bible" in the world, which has clearly written: "I will show miracles in the sky, and I will show miracles in the ground...". "God said, in the last days... your young men will see visions...". The "flying saucers" and "outsiders" that have frequently appeared in modern times are "wonders" and "visions." In the eyes of God, the last days may be the present.
Since the world has a creature, it has sent messengers many times to bring goodness to the world, but people deliberately disrespect it; the sun hangs in the sky, the earth is under their feet, water and fire are in the world, everything is calling, and the world is sending out messages. To awaken people in order to have a place to escape. It's a pity that it's easy not to look at God. In the end, the messengers, namely "flying saucers" and "outsiders" appeared frequently in the world. They neither require sound transmission, nor are they restricted by the laws of physics. Therefore, human beings hollow their minds to get something from "aliens" are dreams, because all the information to be given to people is in the "Bible", and there is no second secret to leak.
The research on flying saucers in our country started quite late. "UFO-A Mystery of the World" published by People's Daily on November 13, 1978 (the author is Shen Hengyan of the Chinese Academy of Sciences) is the largest newspaper in my country. The first long-length masterpiece advocating UFO exploration has aroused strong response at home and abroad. The famous Chinese scientist Professor Qian Xuesen affirmed that the flying saucer is "an objective phenomenon" in a letter to the editorial department of "UFO Exploration" on April 21, 1984. Now, the research on flying saucers is in China and in the ascendant in the world.
   French astronomical scientist and computer science Dr. Jacques Vallet analyzed more than 200 UFO sightings that occurred intensively from Western Europe to the Middle East in 1954, and found many grounds for overturning the "Law of Negation." When he announced the research results in 1966, he said: As long as UFOs are not refused to be studied as airborne objects, then it is unreasonable not to use reports of UFO landings as research objects. As long as the possibility of being controlled by intelligence is admitted, there is no reason to deny the possibility of UFO landing and crew landing.
According to the article "The Status and Prospects of World UFO Research" in the second issue of "UFO Discovery" in 1992: "UFO activities have changed the attitudes of more and more orthodox scientists. There are now more than 500 PhDs in the world. The authenticity of the flying saucer phenomenon. More than 2,000 scientists, including Professor Tom Bo, the discoverer of Neptune, are convinced of the flying saucer phenomenon; 30,000 bachelors are studying the flying saucer subject."