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If there are no aliens, how to explain the dynamics of Area 51 in the United States

Even if there are no aliens, the "No. 51 area" as an air force base has enough news impact. After all, U-2 spy planes, SR-71 Blackbirds, and SR-71 Blackbirds have flown from this base. A series of famous aircraft such as F-117A stealth fighter. For a long time, the passage of flying objects has been prohibited in this area.

Except for this part of the pictures published on the Internet, the earliest pictures of this area that can be found are still taken by Soviet satellites in the 1960s. In 1992, 24 countries including the United States signed an open sky agreement. only when satellites come and take pictures can it become a reality. But the reason why this base is so famous stems from a half-rumored and half-rumored story called the "Roswell Incident." The story says: In July 1947, the U.S. Air Force found an alien-alive-in the wreckage of a UFO in New Mexico and brought him (she? Or it?) to this base.

A few years ago, a video tape was left to the civilian population, and it recorded footage of the US military interrogating the alien. There is no sound in the film, and it is said that this kind of interrogation is achieved through psychic telepathy. The alien died after being cross-examined, and the Americans subsequently performed an autopsy on his body. Just last year, a British television station aired a video of the autopsy of the alien. According to the distributor, it was secretly brought out by "base 51" two years ago. Copies of this videotape are currently being sold in large quantities in British stores, and the person who took the videotape out of the base—they called it Victor—is no longer alive.

In July 1994, the U.S. Air Force Secretariat published a document entitled "The Roswell Report", explaining the heated aliens and spacecraft wreckage. The report said that the predecessor of the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Army Air Force, conducted a series of high-altitude experiments in the area. This experiment called MOGUL used a large number of high-altitude detection balloons. The so-called alien spacecraft wreckage is actually these balloons. wreckage.

The aliens are completely misunderstood. Those humanoids are actually dummies carried by balloons, and they are all used for experiments. The things that appeared in the hospital that were misrepresented as corpses of aliens were even more groundless. Outsiders mixed their imaginations with two unrelated accidents. One accident was caused by a KC-97 crash in 1956, which killed 11 people; the other was caused by a balloon flight accident in 1959, when two pilots were killed.

The content of the report is taken from official records, scientific reports, films and pictures, and it is quite convincing for the parties to obtain evidence.