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Whether aliens exist

Do alien creatures exist?
UFOs exist in mysterious ways. Tens of millions of people on Earth claim to have seen UFOs. Are these "witnesses" visionaries or liars? Or is there something between the lie and the truth? The answer is a planet in space, or is it from the worship of the mystery by humans?

The first wave of UFO research in the world started with the most famous "Arnold incident" in the history of UFO research. UFO is the abbreviation in English, which means "unidentified flying object", also known as "flying saucer" or "UFO". It refers to a moving flying object or astronomical scene, which can be observed by naked eyes or monitored by radar, which humans currently cannot Explain the phenomenon.

Those who are interested in UFO not only speculate that this is from a civilization that is more advanced than the earth, but also explain this phenomenon with psychological inferences that modern people may face. The descriptions of UFOs include: moving or hovering quickly; moving quietly, erratic or roaring abnormally; shapes such as plates, cigars, spherical, circular or oval shapes, according to current statistics, have reached more than 100 different shapes.