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Alien Sites in Qinghai Region

AliensRelics in Qinghai Region

What is the source of the iron pipes under the Qinghai Delinghabaigong Mountain, which has been heavily rusted and weathered for a long time?

What kind of secrets does it contain?

After the news of the existence of "alien sites" in Baigong Mountain was widely disseminated by the media, it attracted the attention of experts, scholars and readers. During the reporter's on-site visits to the "sites", the following speculations were discovered——

Is it a relic from the prehistoric period? That is to say, before our human race, there was another human race whose industrial and cultural level was much higher than the present one. After this human race was extinct by glaciers, its relics still remain. This statement obviously does not exist, because no signs of glacier activity have been seen in this area

There is also a speculation that whether fossils, such as reeds and other stem and tube plant fossils, were formed under high pressure?

But from a scientific point of view, any fossils of animals and plants can only remain intact, and it is impossible to form iron pipes with regular and arranged directions. The sand and stone in this area do not have the conditions to become fossils. The nearby mountains are exactly the same as this lithological age and composition. Not only are there no fossils (that is, no fossil conditions), no such iron pipes, and even iron particles are not distributed.

The theory of special geological phenomena. After news about Qinghai’s "alien sites" was widely disseminated, Zheng Jiandong, a researcher at the Institute of Geology, China Earthquake Administration, once called the Beijing Evening News and said that he had been here. On site investigation, the so-called "alien ruins" should be a special geological phenomenon. In April last year, 11 Chinese geoscience experts formed a research team for this purpose. Six experts, including Professor Zheng Jiandong, visited Tuosu Lake in person.

According to Professor Zheng, these peculiar tubulars were distributed in the sandstone layer of the third season five or six million years ago. They all showed a rust-like dark brown color and were mainly composed of iron oxide. Talking about the cause of the tube, Professor Zheng said that there are many possibilities

One is a fossil formed by plant burial;

In addition, the tube may also be formed by the rapid deposition of sandstone layers, which is a very common phenomenon in sedimentary petrology. Professor Zheng himself is more inclined to underground magma rising to the ground, and the iron-containing material in the magma condenses to form a tube. Although the possibility of manual drilling and impact is not ruled out, the expert group believes that "alien ruins" is still a geological phenomenon. Professor Zheng said: From the perspective of scientific exploration, these tubes do have many mysteries. For example, the size of these tubes is rare in China, and some tubes are also very radioactive, but if we can study in depth, I believe that'alien ruins' The real cause of'will soon be revealed to the world

Why did the aliens choose Baigong Mountain in the Qaidam Basin?

Qaidam has high terrain, thin air, few clouds, and excellent transparency. It is an ideal place for observing the celestial universe. In 1984, the Purple Mountain Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences established the Qinghai Astronomical Station in Delingha, because the area is dry and high in altitude, which is easy to receive millimeter waves. In the past few years, they have discovered more than 100 galaxies, and the observation results are excellent. In 1993, Japanese astronomical authority Haibu led astronomers from the United States and Japan to investigate and survey, and believed that this station in Asia is an ideal point.