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Alien Smart Communications

Aliens Smart Communication We are not alone in the universe.

A few years ago, this statement seemed far-fetched; today, most scientists with extraterrestrial intelligence exist.

Sir Bernard Lovell, one of the world’s leading radio astronomers, has calculated that even a 5,000% profit margin error allows us to have about 1 million stars with the right to planetary chemistry, the size of our own galaxy, And temperature supports organic evolution.

If we think of our own galaxy, the Milky Way, but at least one billion similar to one of the other galaxies in the universe we have observed, counting the stars can support some form of life to achieve one word, astronomy.

With advanced (miser-earth standards) life forms, Dr. Frank D. Drake in West Virginia, Green Bank, National Radio Astronomy Observatory stated that the number of civilizations that may emerge with all our knowledge is now about 100 million U.S. dollars .

The next question is...

Where are they all?