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Three reasons for the existence of aliens

For the three reasons for the existence of Aliens, the editor of ufo110 clue net will tell

1. It is possible for aliens outside the earth or terrestrial people to become aliens on other stars. Because the universe is so big, it is impossible for life to exist only on earth, and there must be life on other planets. It’s just that we haven’t found it yet. Earth people have already landed on the moon. At that time, these astronauts became aliens on the moon, so aliens exist in the universe.

2. It is certain that when humans board other stars, these people have become aliens on this star. And there is no question about whether there are aliens outside the earth in the universe until now. Law answer.

3. But what is certain is that so far there is no conclusive evidence that the earth has ever been visited by aliens. It is very common for some people to describe natural phenomena that cannot be explained by science as alien visits (ufo). Things. And many times what they see is actually an artificial aircraft. Some people describe the ancient civilization of mankind as an alien civilization, and attribute the things that cannot be explained now to alien masterpieces. This is an insult to mankind itself. !!! In fact, human creativity is very strong. What we cannot do now does not mean that ancient humans could not do it. Don’t say everything is alien.