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Found that "the probability of aliens is very slim

The editor of the ufo110 clue network saw in a report that British scientists’ new conclusion: the hope of discovering "alien" is extremely slim. A British scientist recently expressed the hope that people can discover extraterrestrial intelligent creatures. Very slim, because the age of the planet is not long enough for intelligent creatures to evolve. The results of this study are published in the journal Astrobiology (Journal Astrobiology).

According to a report by the British "Daily Telegraph" on April 17, Professor Andrew Watson of the University of East Anglia believes that the earth currently has a life span of about 4 billion years. The intelligent creatures on the lower earth evolved very late, and because the temperature of the sun has become higher and higher, the earth may become unsuitable for human habitation in 1 billion years.

In addition to the earth, other planets with the conditions for the existence of intelligent creatures are also facing the same problem. Perhaps these planets have not existed in the age of enough time for the evolution of intelligent organisms. Professor Watson stated in a report that the age of intelligent organisms Evolution and evolution need to go through 4 very strict stages. The probability of successful biological evolution in each stage is only 10%. In this way, the probability of successful biological evolution in 4 billion years is only 0.01%.

It is reported that many scientists have been trying to reveal the existence of intelligent creatures on outer planets. In 1961, astronomer Frank Drake invented a famous equation for inferring extraterrestrial life, which we now call the "Drake equation". He used this equation to optimistically infer that there are a large number of intelligent life in our galaxy. .

Many scientists say that there will be at least some simple creatures on the outer planets, maybe a lot of them. In addition, some astronauts also revealed after returning to Earth that they are convinced that they have found many planets with suitable temperature and "absolutely suitable" for living creatures. , But Andrew Watson believes that there is very little possibility of intelligent organisms on alien planets. The conditions for intelligent organisms to exist must first appear as single-celled organisms before they can gradually evolve into multicellular organisms. The formation of complex life and the final intelligent organisms It takes quite a long period of time to evolve.

He said: "It takes several different stages to evolve from the simplest creatures to advanced creatures. It is not easy to complete these steps. It takes more steps to evolve into intelligent creatures. It is not easy to achieve these conditions

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