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Collection of collisions with aliens

 Although it has entered 2012, we still have not been able to clearly explain the true meaning of the Mayan prophecy. Before entering 2012, bizarre events occurred frequently around the world. They happened before 2012, but they met very closely with 2012. Their stories are bizarre, but they have actually appeared. Some of them were made into movies, and some were recorded in the annals of history. This is what happened before 2012-the most bizarre alien encounters in history.

Silbury Hill Case

  During July 2009, the sheriff of the Wiltshire Police District saw three suspected alien objects near Silbury Hill. A crop circle appeared shortly afterwards! That object is more than 6 feet tall and has blond hair! In addition to hearing the static sound, the sheriff also saw three objects leaving so fast that no one could compare! He returned home, brought in some UFO experts, and reported this unusual incident. It is a pity that the sheriff does not want to disclose his name, but this person does exist and is not a prank.

 First of all, when the media asked the local police station, they did not respond. It was related to the off-duty period when the incident happened, and it was a private matter. A crop circle expert named Andrew Russell followed up the case, and he told reporters about the situation that day. On July 6 this year, the police chief initially thought that the three were members of the Forensic Division. Because they were all in white coats, he stopped the car and walked to the wheat field. Seeing the three of them, they seemed to be checking the wheat field, and at the same time they heard a static non-static sound.

 The sheriff called them, and the three of them ignored them at first, so when he walked into the field, the three of them ran away when they saw him. The speed was amazing, and the three of them disappeared after one second of their eyes. Then he felt scared, and the strange sound was still there, which caused him a headache for a while.

Kidnapping Incident in the Alagas Waterway

 The abduction of the Aragash Passage in 1976 is one of the most famous alien abductions. The twin brothers Jack and Jim Winner, as well as their friends Cook Luck and Charlie Fordz, are all artists. They like fishing very much. One day they decided to go fishing at night. They lit a fire on the shore of Eagle Lake and then took a canoe to fish in the lake. Suddenly they found a UFO emitting bright light in the sky.

 When four anglers discovered this mysterious UFO, it began to change the color of the light. One of the men illuminated the UFO with a flashlight, and then the UFO moved towards them. The four men started rowing to the shore desperately, but it was too late. The UFO flew above their heads and released a strong beam of light. According to their later memories, after they returned to the shore, the fire that had been ignited before was completely reduced to ashes.

 They returned home suspiciously, but soon they were tortured by nightmares, and they often recalled being experimented by aliens in a spaceship. In the regression hypnosis test, they recalled the same situation. They were kidnapped by aliens and subjected to humiliating body intrusion experiments, which included the extraction of semen and other body fluids. Four men underwent an independent hypnosis test, but they recalled the same situation. At the same time, they were also tested by a polygraph, and it was determined that they did not lie.

Livingstone Incident

  On November 9, 1979, the only witness to the incident was Robert Taylor, 61 years old. He is the Forestry Supervisor of the Forestry Operations Department of Livingstone Development Company. On the day of the incident, he was driving the company's small truck with an Irish setter named Lara sitting next to him. Tyler saw a mysterious object he had never seen floating above the clearing, and he was so terrified that he stood still. Later, he recalled that the object looked like a hat with a hemispherical upper part and a bulge like a brim at the lower part. It was about 6 meters in diameter. The object was neither moving nor making a sound. The surface of the object is dark gray, but as time passes, the entire object becomes transparent and reflects light.