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Earth is the garden of aliens?

According to a report by the Russian "Pravda" on the 7th, Frank Drake, the father of American research on extraterrestrial civilization and the creator of the "SETI" project, believes that there are at least 200 highly developed extraterrestrial civilizations hidden in the galaxy. However, looking for extraterrestrial civilizations However, the "SETI" project has not found any traces of alien civilization signals. Scientists therefore proposed a "zoo theory", that is, the earth is only an "experimental zoo" of aliens, and humans are only cultivated by aliens. According to the experimental rules, aliens are strictly prohibited from and As a laboratory animal, life on earth carries out any communication.

   There are 200 alien civilizations in the Milky Way

   It is reported that Frank Drake is the father of scientific research on alien civilization in the United States and the creator of the "SETI Project" to search for alien civilization. The "SETI Project" is the world's largest computer network. Anyone who downloads the program provided by the "SETI Project" can process the astronomical wireless signal data provided by the radio telescope in Arecanate, Puerto Rico on their computer. Screen for suspicious alien civilization signals. So far, more than 5 million home computers around the world have joined the "SETI Project" to find signals of alien civilization.

   According to Frank Drake, he believes that among the 200 billion stars and their planets in the Milky Way, there may be at least 200 highly developed alien civilizations hidden. According to the evaluation of its followers, this number may be between 10,000 and 1 million.

   [Reality] No alien signal has been received so far

   However, so far, the scientists of the "SETI Project" have still not found the slightest trace of alien civilization signals. And NASA is also launching a "Cyclops" project costing $10 billion.

   According to the plan, 1,000 telescopes will be placed in a wide area at intervals of 15 kilometers. The combination of these telescopes can receive signals from extraterrestrials within 1,000 light-years.

In order to let extraterrestrial civilizations know about the existence of humans on earth, humans have repeatedly sent information about earth civilizations to the depths of the universe through spacecraft, including maps depicting the location of the earth in the galaxy, human DNA codes, Bach’s music records, Pictures of Egyptian pyramids, etc. However, so far, humans have not received any response.

   [Explanation] Aliens are forbidden to contact the earth

In order to explain the contradiction between speculation and reality, scientists have proposed a "zoo theory", that is, the reason why humans cannot receive signals from alien civilizations is because aliens only regard the earth as an experimental zoo. The star people are observing the evolution of the earth in a distant place.

   According to experimental rules, aliens are forbidden to communicate with earth creatures, including humans, so this is the reason why the "SETI Project" has not received any alien signals for decades.

   There is also a theory that aliens treat humans as "naive babies", so it is difficult to communicate with humans. Recent studies by Canadian scientists have shown that the age of the Earth is about 2 billion years younger than the age of similar planets in other solar systems in the Milky Way.

  The secret of heaven cannot be revealed