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Are there aliens in the alien system?

There are many instances of aliens found on the earth, but there is no conclusive evidence about aliens, and I think the universe is vast and boundless, and there should be aliens:< br> First of all, our universe is very broad. Even the places we humans currently detect. There are also more than 100 super nebulae. There are about 1,000 galaxies like the Milky Way in a supernebula. And there are about 10,000 solar-like star systems in one Milky Way. It is possible that more than one planet has living things in one solar system. So... let's do the math.

100×1000×10000×1=1 billion. Just in the places that we humans have discovered, there are 1 billion planets like the earth that can be inhabited by life. For various reasons, certain planets cannot survive. Then pick one from a hundred, there are also 10 million planets that can always allow life to survive.

I believe that extraterrestrial life exists. After all, the universe is boundless. Since the earth can have life, why is it impossible for other planets to have a high degree of civilization!

It is understood that there are 200 billion "brothers and sisters" of the sun in the Milky Way, and scientists have found 150 stars surrounded by planets, which are distant relatives of the earth. Even if one of the 10 stars is surrounded by planets, then the earth should have 20 billion siblings in the galaxy, just like the earth has advanced intelligent life among the 9 planets of the sun, there should be 100,000-150,000 These planets are suitable for the development of life, and then produce intelligent life to form a technological civilization. They should have a civilization similar to or more advanced than the earth.

Therefore, the possibility of life in outer space is very high. It's just that we, beings, haven't been able to understand each other, and we learn from them and think about the same problems again. Life in outer space may be more advanced than our science, and may be even lagging behind. As for whether we can find them, it is unknown. This is my opinion.