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Hawking said that people on earth should not contact aliens

Hawking's views represent the views of many professionals. The existence of Aliens is indeed extremely possible from a purely astronomical point of view. Of course, I don’t think that life can exist inside stars. This is beyond human imagination. It is easier to accept the assumption that aliens (extraterrestrial advanced intelligent life) exist on planets. Our Milky Way galaxy alone has 100 billion stars. According to a conservative estimate of 10 planets per star, the number of "big" planets in the light galaxy is 1 trillion! And the number of galaxies in the universe is likely to be hundreds of billions or even trillions! Therefore, the probability that there are no aliens in the Milky Way is one in 1 trillion, and the probability that there are no aliens in the universe is one in 100 billion billion!

If there are aliens

Unlikely to be in the solar system

The existence of aliens does not mean that they must have been to the earth. On this point, different scholars have the biggest differences with each other. Although the possibility of extraterrestrial life on other planets in the solar system or the satellites of these planets is not ruled out, the general consensus is that if there are aliens, they are unlikely to live in other places in the solar system, and most likely should It's on a planet in another star. The distance from our nearest star to us is nearly 40 trillion kilometers, which is about 4 light years as measured by the speed of light. The farthest place humans have reached so far is the moon, which is about 400,000 kilometers away (a little over 1 light second), and the farthest human probe is Pioneer 1, launched 40 years ago, not long ago Arriving near the orbit of Pluto, many media reported that the human probe was close to the edge of the solar system. As everyone knows, the human probe has traveled for 40 years, and it has only traveled one thousandth of the distance from the center of the solar system!

Therefore, if the unidentified flying objects (UFOs) we see are really detectors for advanced intelligent life outside the land, their technological level must be far beyond our imagination. For them, humans on earth are probably low-level creatures that are not interested in contact at all. once they are really willing to come to earth, then they can tell us what they want as they please, or if they decide not to Interfere with our development, then they must be able to make us completely unaware. It is more likely than selling a flaw to drop a flying saucer containing an alien corpse. Perhaps the civil airliner that just flew over our heads is the real alien ship!

Claim to see UFO

Mostly wishful thinking