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Experts explain the abduction of aliens

Voice of experts

Fang Zhouzi (young scholar): The so-called "alien kidnapping case" is nothing more than two situations: dreaming and lying. For the first case, foreign researchers have done research and stimulated a certain functional area of ​​the brain to produce the illusion of seeing "alien".

He Zuoxiu (Academician): If there are flying saucers and aliens that have actually visited the earth, then why are there no traces of very definite aliens and flying saucers on the earth, nor can I find anything that I have actually seen with my own eyes. witness. As for the stories about ufo, it's just people's imagination.

Wang Shou (academician): The electromagnetic waves of life are very weak, but if aliens really exist, then as a life with high intelligence, they will definitely create something with high-tech content, such as flying saucers. . However, these more than 30 telescopes have been working for more than 30 years, trying to determine the relevant electromagnetic waves in the universe, but so far they have not found any.

The age of the earth is 4.6 billion years, and humans only began to appear a few million years ago. The distance between the earth and alien planets is so far, it is hard to imagine that aliens are sitting on flying saucers and fly to the earth for thousands or even hundreds of millions of years. At this time, human beings appeared, and they happened to be in modern civilization.

Sima Nan (Guest Researcher): The famous Swiss psychologist Mr. Jung I admire has a book on this subject, "Myths from the Sky", which points out the crux of the problems of those who are obsessed with U-FO. He claimed that this is a spiritual phenomenon of people. The UFO is not in the sky, but in people's hearts. I very much agree with this view. Those who are obsessed with ufo who I know are really different from ordinary people in their spiritual pursuit and pleasure.

I never doubt the sincerity and feelings of UFO fans, but so far there is no evidence to prove the objective existence of UFO is a fact. The fundamental reason is that the so-called evidence provided by those who are obsessed with ufo do not have the qualifications of evidence, and fundamentally lack the testability and repeatability that scientific evidence must have. Therefore, subjective conjectures with vivid words, vague personal experiences, and a large amount of fancy materials cannot be recognized by the community of scientists.