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Scientist receives mysterious call from aliens

According to the French press, scientists from the former Soviet Union and the United States are studying a mysterious radio signal from outer space. According to analysis, this signal is a call for help from a certain planet 50,000 years ago.

An American astronomer who did not want to reveal his identity told the French press: "This is an amazing breakthrough. Our computer has successfully translated the most important part of this radio signal, to the effect: Please instruct us to count down the fourth. The universe has exploded. We are in a very dangerous situation. Our position is in the 12 Milky Way."

This strange message has been converted into human-readable text by experts from the two countries, but they have kept the matter secret. The astronomer said: "It's very simple. Using mathematical calculations, we estimate that this is an ancient spacecraft or a planet. He seems to be looking for some guidance to help them out of danger. This thing is really exciting. Shocked. After working hard, we have initially calculated that the message was sent at least 50,000 years ago, and it may be even longer."
Australian astronomers used radio to connect with outer space and asserted: In the universe, the earth is not the only planet where humans live. These astronomers claimed that the alien civilization had sent information to the earth hundreds of years ago, but the earth’s radio telescope was only invented 50 years ago, and the direction is wrong.

The director of the research project, Dr. Herbert Berkress, said: "Until now, all radio telescopes in the world have been installed in the northern hemisphere, either in the United States or in Europe. They did not monitor the messages coming from the sky in the southern hemisphere. "And is it really only from this side of the earth that you can receive alien messages?"

Australia’s radio telescope uses the most advanced space-age technology and has multiple channels. Scientists use it to listen to repetitive high-frequency messages broadcast by aliens. I received these messages within a few hours of trial use of the giant antenna. Dr. Berkress recalled: "We listened in amazement. The series of beeps sounded like musical notes. We undoubtedly confirmed that this is a message sent to us by an alien civilization."

A few days later, the radio waves suddenly changed frequency. The beep was also interrupted. Not long after there was silence, there was a low moan. Dr. Berkress said: "It's the voice of an alien. The language used is different from any language I have ever heard. The voice occasionally beeps during continuous speaking. The grunt, like clearing his throat. I can't guess what he is talking about, but from the gentle tone, I think he is delivering a message of peace."