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Russian astronauts heard warning from aliens

According to foreign media reports, Professor Kirill Butusov from the Pulkov Observatory in Russia recently claimed that Russian astronauts had heard warnings from "God". This view of his was also confirmed by astronaut Gregory Grechko. Grechko is convinced, "There are other intelligent beings in the universe, and they are more advanced than us."

Grechko declared: "I think that there is a certain'person' that gives us the motivation to develop, and it is other people who make the chimpanzee to make a leap in intelligence. Of course, for us, it should be a driving force. It is'God', who created us in his own way and thoughts."

Professor Butusov pointed out: “Sometimes the astronauts will have a very strange feeling in orbit. In some cases, the astronauts will suddenly feel that someone is staring at them from behind. Later, they will feel it. There is an invisible creature talking in a low voice. The'article' that appeared deep in consciousness to the effect: You came here too early and incorrectly. Believe me, because I am your ancestor. My child, you shouldn’t be here, go back to the earth, don’t break the Creator’s law. In order to increase credibility, this voice often tells the history of some astronaut families."

In addition, some astronauts also claimed that some strange images and feelings sometimes suddenly appear in their consciousness. This phenomenon was first announced by astronaut Sergey Krichevsky at the International Academy of Space Human Ecology in 1995. Another astronaut even told Krichevsky that he had briefly "existed" in the form of a dinosaur, and he also felt that he had been to another planet, crossing valleys and lowlands. The astronaut also described "own" paws, scales, membranes between fingers, and huge toes.

Professor Butusov pointed out that sometimes people do feel that they have another identity, but the specific reasons for this phenomenon need to be further studied.