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Are mysterious animal deaths related to aliens?

If the aliens did not kidnap humans, did not plant some strange things in the human body, and did not leave "Cropfield Circles" in the farmland, then it must be Come to the earth to slaughter livestock. Since the 1970s, hundreds of animal carcasses have been found, and these animal deaths have unexplainable characteristics, for example, there is no blood in the body and organs have been removed by "precision surgery".


The most famous is the cattle slaughter incident. On August 25, 2004, a cow at the Farnham Jurjans Farm in Nebraska, USA was found dead in a distant valley. The dead cows appeared regular The wound, there was no blood around the corpse, the tongue and breast were gone, and one eye was missing. If UFOs and aliens do exist, then this seems to explain the puzzling mysteries of the cattle slaughter event.

However, in response to all these accusations, the alien wants to say: "Who did I provoke?

Why is it my responsibility? "In fact, the bizarre deaths of livestock have been plagued by farmers and farmers for many years. It is not something that happened during the period when people became interested in aliens. Research has shown that this so-called "mysterious" death is actually very serious. Generally, it is caused by the natural process of decay and scavengers. So from a certain point of view, aliens are still quite wronged.

Aliens appear in front of humans extremely cleverly, showing their existence. We know from many cases that they have been observing and monitoring humans for many years. In addition, they have also managed to get close to animals. In recent years, all over the world There have been many "livestock slaughter" incidents, especially in the United States. From 1973 to 1976, more than 1,000 domestic animals were killed every year. The slaughter of domestic animals occurred as early as the 19th century, but it was not until the occurrence of "Shinyi People began to suspect that UFO was involved in the Fen incident.

On September 9, 1967, a slaughtered horse's carcass was found near the Ginger Ranch in Alamo, Colorado, USA. The corpse was cut off from the shoulder muscles and skin, and the tragic skull and neck bones were exposed. Outside, there is almost no meat left on the neck. It makes people feel that it is difficult to cut so clean unless a surgical scalpel is used.

The person who found the body was the husband and wife of Ginger rancher Harry Ginger and horse owner Barr Louis. The horse killed was a 3-year-old passenger horse.
According to the on-site observation, despite the cruel technique, not even a drop of blood was found nearby.There was a black object sticking to the bottom of Snipei's body, and there was a smell of choking potion around the body, which was found 100 meters away from the scene. Many of the dents that seem to have been burned by gas are incomprehensible regardless of the way the horses were killed or the scene. It is easy to judge that this incident was not a simple prank or Xiaoxiao, but who did it? And what purpose?

This suspicious and cruel incident was reported in the headlines by the local newspaper and received a lot of response, but the police's response was indifferent.