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Aliens may be watching us

Aliens may be watching us

  How to confirm contact with aliens is one of the technologies that humans have been exploring. However, some scientists believe that human communication technology is so backward that it is difficult to contact aliens.

Recently, the famous British astronomer and professor Martin expressed his opinion. They think that aliens will use more advanced signal technology instead of the radio or visible light source that is widely used in our planet. Perhaps it is a kind of which we have never heard of. Technologies such as neutrinos or gravitational waves. It is impossible for our existing technology to detect them.

Cosmologist and astrophysicist Rod, who holds the same view, said: “Many of us are struggling to find extraterrestrial life, but we have found nothing for so long. This is very telling. They It is possible to watch us not far away, but our technology cannot detect it. We are now just using hypothetical methods to find aliens according to human technology, and their technology may be much higher than ours."

Professor Milan of the Belgrade Observatory also gave his own opinion. He believes: "The science and technology civilization in the universe should be stronger than human civilization. Human beings may only be new life forms in the universe, although we have not yet found direct aliens. Evidence, but there are three cases that can be analyzed. The first is that we are the only life in the universe; or we are only a backward race, and there are more alien life in the universe; the last is that there had been aliens before. Life, but now they may have disappeared for some reason."

   But some experts have questioned his statement. They believe that human beings should be the only life in the world. If there are living bodies, it is difficult to hide them so effectively. They have not been discovered so far, and it is even more difficult to find evidence of their extinction. As for the correctness of that statement, there is still no correct statement. Everything needs to be proved by evidence. It may take time for all the truth to emerge. (