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How high is the height of the bridge fence from the ground?

What is the best height of the bridgefence net from the ground?

The height of bridge fence netting generally refers to the height of the bridge fence netting in the air, including the height of the main reinforced concrete foundation stone and foundation. In terms of common materials, how to quickly ensure that the bridge fence net height is standardized and set Almost more appropriate, we can all stop focusing on the introduction from here.

   Among the barrier nets for the foundation bridge construction, the height of the aerial construction, including the overall construction strength, also has considerable application value in terms of stability. It has become the most popular and stable steel wire structure material at present. Above, bridge fence net has the advantages of highway fence net isolation, blocking, consolidation and convenient installation. And in terms of welding and material selection, it also has a certain degree of stability. This will be a greater performance in the application of bridge fence nets to complete material isolation and stable use. Among them, the height of the bridge fence in the air is known as the most concerned aspect. Here is also the focus for your introduction.

  1, height request of bridge construction fence net

   Bridge guardrail net construction, the key point is that it is based on the height of the bridge interval foundation, including the reinforcement of the overall guardrail net base, which should have more stable application value. The overall height specification: the height measurement value is between 50-80cm , The depth of the wall should be between 12-20cm thickness, using brickwork and cement construction and processing.

  2, height values ​​of different bridge fence nets

   Height Specification for the height of the fence of highway bridges: between 55-77cm, and ensure that the depth of the column into the wall is 12-20cm;

   The height specification for ordinary small passenger cars; within the range of 40-60cm, and should not affect the normal driving of other vehicles.

   The distance between ordinary road vehicles and the fence should be controlled within 30-50cm and should not be set too high.

   Generally speaking, in terms of high copper cable roads, faster and more stable application will be an important basis for promoting the construction of bridge guardrails in previous years and the height of the overall guardrail net. We stop vehicle matching based on the actual height value. In the future, the market will become more comprehensive and systematically efficient to provide us with product assistance.
How high is the bridge fence net to the ground?