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Which one is better for the stadium fence?

Stadiumfence net Which one is better?

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Stadium fence netting is a new type of protective product specially designed for stadiums. This product has a high net body and strong anti-climbing ability. Sports fence net is a kind of field fence, it is also called: "sports fence", which can be installed on site, fences, fences, the biggest feature of the product is strong flexibility, can Adjust the structure, shape and size of the mesh at any time according to requirements. The stadium fence net produced by our company has a wide range of specifications and types. It is one of the most professional sports fence manufacturers in China. It can produce basketball court sports fences, playground sports fences, badminton court fences, sports fences, and track and field courts. Products such as fence nets, sports fence nets, sports ground fence nets, golf practice nets, etc. Stadium fence abbreviation: "sports fence", it is a kind of on-site installation, in which net posts and fences are constructed on site. The most important feature of the product is flexibility. The structure and size can be adjusted at any time according to site requirements.
Which one is better for the stadium fence?