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Why is the peach-shaped column fence commonly used in the community also called the anti-theft fence

The peach-shaped column commonly used in the community fence net is also called anti-theftfence net

The characteristics of the peach-shaped column fence net column: the wall thickness of the column is generally 1.00mm, and the plate is formed by cold bending and cold rolling. The structure is simple, the shape is a regular semi-ellipse, and the installation is convenient. The hooks on the column body of the fence net are divided into several parts by the gap and are evenly distributed on both sides of the column body along the longitudinal direction of the column body. The hook plate is bent inwardly into an arch and is tangent to the straight side of the elliptical cylinder, which effectively prevents the net from being pryed off. The net is directly hung on the hook to become a non-removable whole, thereby ensuring the safety of the fence net. Therefore, the peach-shaped column fence is also called the anti-theft fence.

Common specifications of peach-shaped column fence

Dip wire diameter: 5.0mm

Grid size: 50mm X 180mm

Column size: 48 mm X 2.5mm

Mesh size: 2.3m X 2.9m

Reinforcing ribs four-way grid: 50x50mm can be customized according to customer requirements.

Structure: Welded with high-strength cold-drawn wire and low-carbon steel wire, then hydroformed, and fixed with the steel pipe support by the link attachment.

Features: high strength, good rigidity, beautiful appearance, wide field of vision, easy installation, bright and relaxed.

The advantages of peach-shaped column fence

Proper bending creates the unique aesthetic effect of this product, and the surface is treated with a variety of colors, such as yellow, green, and red. The combination of different colors of the column and the mesh is even more pleasing. , At the same time, this kind of product mostly uses a column with a chassis, and the installation only needs to be installed with expansion bolts, which is very fast. Our factory specializes in the production of fence nets, please consult for details:
Why is the peach-shaped column fence commo<em></em>nly used in the community also called the anti-theft fence