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Performance characteristics of frame fence

The many benefits of framefence net in the open-air storage yard

frame fence netting can play a very good role when used in garbage dumps, especially open-air dumping sites. frame fence netting has the characteristics of anti-corrosion and UV resistance for a long time. The surface treatment of the column is galvanized or dipped plastic, or you can choose one of them, and the top is covered with a plastic cover or a rain cap. According to different environments and installation methods, methods such as pre-embedded 30cm and added base can be selected. The mesh and the column are connected by screws and various special plastic or iron clips. All screws are automatically anti-theft. All accessories can also be designed according to customer's specific requirements. Hancheng Fence Mesh Factory will explain the performance characteristics of frame fencing:

Scope of application: all open-air storage yards that need to be protected from wind and scattering, such as garbage landfills and garbage disposal sites.

Weaving structure: It is welded by a large-scale automatic mesh welding machine or spirally braided by a low-carbon steel wire (it is characterized by high strength)

Surface anti-corrosion treatment: galvanizing, electrostatic painting, plastic coating, dipping, plastic coating

Features of the frame fence: excellent anti-scattering performance, strong and durable, strong corrosion resistance, the service life is more than 20 years in the natural environment!

Maintenance and maintenance: installation is simple and fast, maintenance is time-saving and labor-saving; it is easy to customize according to user needs to meet the special needs of customers; the price is lower, and there is almost no need for subsequent maintenance.
Performance characteristics of f<em></em>rame fence net