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Introduction to Alien Legends

about 3.9 billion years ago (perhaps earlier or later), due to the special position of the earth in the solar system, some organic organisms began to emerge. These organic organisms have written a great historical chapter in the evolution of hundreds of millions of years. The last tens of thousands of years were even more prosperous. They invented some symbols, just like our words today.

They named all the substances in the world, and even created a lot of substances. The elements in their periodic table are dozens of times more than what we have discovered now, and their highest-ranking species are also the smartest. , They can mine all kinds of minerals on the earth, produce all kinds of daily necessities, their machinery can explore in the interstellar, can swim in the ocean.

They have many similarities with our people, but they are not exactly the same. They thrive on the planet from generation to generation.

However, terrible wars have always surrounded them. Their weapons are nuclear weapons with huge lethality and nuclear fusion. The pollution of their wars and the pollution of life to the environment has made the earth on the brink of extinction. However, these smart The creatures quickly adapted to this harsh environment and continued to live, the underground minerals were lighted up

They use new energy sources. In short, they always have a variety of ways to support them. They control the population and use low-pollution living facilities in their lives to alleviate the damage to the earth. They absorb from all kinds of hardships. Lessons learned how to manage and develop their society. However, an unexpectedly large meteor ended their civilization, and the entire earth was in a sea of ​​flames.

only a small number of people survived this disaster. They were not on Earth at the time. They happened to be hiding in a laboratory on a nearby planet to observe what their kind had encountered. They took the scientific and technological achievements developed from the earth. , Historical materials, daily necessities, and production techniques are all brought to the laboratory to ensure that they can live endlessly.

This laboratory is huge and consumes countless financial resources, material resources, and manpower. In space, in order to prevent meteorites in the universe from causing damage to the laboratory, they wrapped a thick layer of cosmic sand on the periphery of the laboratory. protection. In order to be able to observe the earth better, they made this huge laboratory always face the earth in one direction and let it revolve around the earth.

The destruction of the earth this time made it unable to retain any life. In the following hundreds of millions of years, its blazing heat has cooled, the dust has settled, the atmosphere has re-formed, and it is covered with ice and snow everywhere. When the ice and snow melt slightly, the glaciers recede and new ones The species was born again. The descendants of creatures hiding in laboratories on other planets did not care about the birth of new species at first. When they found out, those new species had already produced certain civilizations.