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What is the surface treatment of the community fence? Anping Fence

What's the surface treatment of the communityfence net? Anping Guardian Network

Outdoor residential fence nets generally have strong anti-corrosion and durability characteristics. According to the advantages of common metal processing, especially in the many development and use aspects, they have more excellent characteristics. The summary metal Two anti-corrosion construction processes are used on the surface: electro-galvanizing and dipping heat treatment. Regarding the relationship between the two and which material is more durable, we will learn more from the aspect.

Common galvanized residential fence netting and dipping treatment are both the most common surface anti-corrosion processes. Through construction and use of equal angles, the entire fence netting can have high-quality and durable value. At the same time, electro-galvanized and dipped plastics are also shown in Advantages in the following aspects:

1, electro-galvanized surface anti-corrosion;

  As the name implies, electro-galvanizing uses direct surface zinc coating. Zinc is a chemically more active metal. Compared with steel substrates, the electrode potential of zinc is negative, which can provide electrochemical protection to the base metal. It is precisely because of these physical characteristics that it has a comprehensive and durable effect in the construction and protection of specific residential fence nets.

  2, dipping and spraying anti-corrosion technology;

  The other is the dipping and spraying process, which is mainly suitable for various residential fence nets, frame fence nets, bilateral wire fence nets, etc., all-round The dipping and spraying process solves the current problems of the exposed surface of the metal fence net and the easy rust of the metal wire at the same time. In addition, this method will also make greater use in other areas of isolation, and it is the best production type product.

   Specifically about the relationship between the two and which material is more stable, in fact, from the overall use point of view, the galvanizing method is suitable for use in some zinc steel guardrails, Or among other types of special-purpose fence nets, the dipping method is suitable for some traditional materials with a wider range of use and a larger area. We will also pay attention to the two aspects for a long time. For the wholesale use of this material,

The above is the introduction of the community fence. I hope you can have a deeper understanding of the product through the introduction. At the same time, if you have any questions and need to consult, you can call our hotline at any time.
What is the surface treatment of the residential fence net? Anping fence net