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Why did Hawking believe in the existence of aliens

Why does Hawking believe in the existence of Aliens

   Hawking believes that the reason for the existence of aliens is very simple. He pointed out that there are 100 billion galaxies in the universe, and each galaxy contains hundreds of millions of stars. The universe is so big, the earth cannot be the only planet with life. He said: "Thinking from the logic of mathematics, only these numbers can be extremely reasonable to consider the existence of aliens. Our real challenge is to figure out what alien life looks like."

   Most extraterrestrial creatures are equivalent to bacteria or simple creatures that have dominated the earth for a long time. A scene in the "Discovery Channel" documentary shows that a group of two-legged herbivores are grazing on the cliff face of another planet and are hunted by many flying yellow lizard-like carnivores. Another picture shows that in Europa’s ocean under the thick ice, luminous animals are in groups.

The point he put forward is a bit like the opening plot of the movie "The Ninth District". The aliens are exhausted and live in a spaceship.

But in the vast universe, aliens definitely exist. The earth is not the only planet suitable for gestating life, and human beings are not the only high-IQ creatures.

Hawking’s imagination is not unique. Many people have thought about this view he thought of.

In the vast universe, everything is possible.

   Although such scenes were conceived, Hawking used them to emphasize one important point: a few life forms may be intelligent, but they are a threat to humans. Hawking believes that contact with these lives will be catastrophic for humans. He believes that aliens may attack the earth, plunder the resources on the earth, and then fly away. He said: "We can see how intelligent life has developed to the point where it is not self-sufficient. I think they should be. They came to our planet in a large spacecraft, but due to their long journeys, they have exhausted the resources they took when they took off. They may have become wanderers, waiting for an opportunity to conquer and colonize any planet they can reach."

   His conclusion is that humans’ efforts to contact aliens are “a bit risky”. He said: "If aliens come to visit us, I think the result will be similar to that of Columbus's arrival in the American continent, and the natives of America have suffered greatly." The completion of this documentary marks Hawking's great success. The year-old Hawking was paralyzed due to motor neuropathy and his communication skills were extremely limited. He and his production team planned for the show for 3 years, during which he insisted on rewriting the script and monitoring the production process. "Discovery Channel" executive producer John Smithson said: "He wanted to make a show that would interest ordinary viewers and scientists. It was a difficult job, and many of the concepts were very complicated."