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Wide range of uses of triangular bending fence

TriangularBendingFence Mesh Wide range of uses

  The name of the triangular bend fence net is derived from the fact that after the mesh is welded as a whole, the shape of the mesh after bending looks like a triangle. Proper bending creates a unique aesthetic effect of this product, and the surface is treated with a variety of colors, such as yellow, green, and red. The combination of different colors of the column and the mesh is even more pleasing. Most of these products use pre-embedded and column with chassis, which is quick and convenient to install.

The triangular bend fence net has a unique design: the unique embedded hook design makes the column and the fence form a solid whole. The product design has won the French Industrial Design Award and obtained a patent certificate.

Excellent performance: The product uses high-quality raw materials, and has undergone special surface treatment, which is extremely resistant to corrosion. The finished product enjoys a ten-year quality guarantee*.

Easy installation: No special accessories are required for product installation, and the push-type installation method is adopted, which is easy to hold, simple and fast, and reduces costs.

Surface treatment: Process galvanized steel strip, steel wire + high-adhesion electrostatic polyester spraying color nearly two hundred colors and matte surface treatment

   Its connection methods are: peach-shaped column, square column-type, cylindrical type, and customers can customize products completely according to their own requirements.

   and bending guardrails are not only so popular in China, but also exported abroad. It is a major force of the exit guardrail.

  Export triangular bending guardrail has been widely used in foreign villa houses, botanical gardens, flower fields, park isolation belts, industrial park isolation and other areas.
Wide use of triangular bending fence net