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Scientists figure out how aliens will find earthlings

  According to foreign media reports, aliens need a lot of time to reach the earth, are we just ignored by the aliens? A recent study concluded that from a mathematical point of view, if aliens really exist, it will take a long time for them to discover us from now on, and due to some factors, humans on Earth have not appeared in the aliens’ field of vision.
   Thomas Hale, a mathematician at the University of the Gulf of Mexico in Florida, said: "Earth humans are either the only one in the universe, or aliens are very far away from us."

Earlier this month, he published his research report at the American Mathematical Society meeting in Houston, expounding the time it takes for an extraterrestrial civilization to gather resources and technological power to fly away from home and cross another star system. Humans fly at a steady speed (one percent of the speed of light), and it takes about 500 years for aliens to reach their nearest star system.

  The discovery of aliens needs to consider many factors, and calculate the aliens to build a new spacecraft in another 500 years, and then realize space navigation, and many other factors. At the same time, simulation calculations show that it will take several times for the alien civilization of the oldest star system in the Milky Way to depart and arrive on Earth. Where are they?

   Haier said: "They may have passed by the earth, or they may have stayed in the solar system, or they have not started the exploration of outer planets but only live a life of ‘cultivation of self-cultivation’."

   There are some reasons why we don’t listen to the cry of aliens from galaxies. Perhaps more importantly, we don’t have any needs of aliens. Haier said: "Maybe any extraterrestrial civilization is not a biological life form. They don't need a living space like the earth.

They don't need to reach the earth and steal our water resources. They have a large number of essential resources for survival outside the solar system, and they are not bound by gravity. They can get all the resources they want at will. "

He also pointed out that perhaps modern alien creatures will soon have their own space routes, but their space routes have bypassed the earth's orbit.

    No matter what the reason is that humans on Earth are ignored by aliens, if they exist, it is impossible for them not to know the location of humans on Earth.

For example, NASA’s Kepler probe can detect planets orbiting other stars.