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Human beings will come into contact with aliens within 100 years

Humans may come into contact with aliens within 100 years, and as the masters of the earth, humans must be prepared.

This is not a fantasy, but a prediction of a famous British physicist.

The British "Daily Mail" quoted Oxford University professor Bernell at the European Science Open Forum in Dublin on the 16th: "I am sure that humans will receive information about alien life, which may be intelligent creatures. This kind of thing may happen in the next century." Bernell believes that humans are likely to find life on some planets wrapped in carbon dioxide and ozone.

   Aliens and "unidentified flying objects (UFO)" have always been a topic of concern. The UFO clues hotline of the British Ministry of Defence was opened in 1959 and has received more than 12,000 UFO sighting reports in the past 50 years. Although the "UFO Survey Project" of the British Ministry of Defence has been terminated, the enthusiasm for the exploration of aliens in the UK has not diminished. According to the Daily Mail, the latest poll published by the Royal Academy of Sciences shows that among the 2000 Britons interviewed, 44% believe that "there are aliens", and more than one-third of the respondents believe that " We should actively look for aliens and contact them."

The latest classified document of the British Ministry of Defence published by the British "Times" on the 12th stated that the British military had found traces of "alien travelers" in the 1990s, and its appearance was similar to the aliens in the Hollywood science fiction film "X-Files." Biologically similar.  

"If aliens are really found, what should we do?" Bernaire said frankly that people on Earth have a different mentality when dealing with aliens: "If aliens are found, will you report to the government? Or tell the Pope? Is it to treat them? Enter the zoo? Or notify the media first?" Bernell believes that humans are not yet psychologically prepared for this. The British scholar dared to speculate: When aliens appeared on the earth, the scene was as excited as Columbus discovered the American continent, but the local residents may not be happy. Bernell admitted frankly that even if alien life is discovered, it may take decades or hundreds of years to get in touch with the other party.