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What are the requirements for installing fence nets on construction sites?

 What are the requirements for installing fence nets on construction sites?

   fence nets are often encountered in our lives, but what are the requirements when fence nets are installed on the construction site? *** Let me introduce you to those requirements that need to be followed when installing fence nets on the construction site. Let's take a look!

   The construction site fence should be implemented as soon as possible after the completion of the roadbed project; the contractor should formulate a detailed construction organization design before construction and submit it to the supervision engineer for approval. The contractor shall, according to the approved construction organization design, carry out construction lofting according to the requirements of the drawings and the actual terrain and ground conditions, determine the center line of the column, carry out the necessary clearance and excavation of the roots in order to build according to the specified slope and linear shapeIsolation barrier.

   The burying of the fence posts should be carried out in sections, first bury the posts at both ends, and then pull the wires to bury the middle posts. Viewed from the longitudinal direction, the axis of the column should be in a straight line, and there should be no unevenness; from the perspective of height, the top of the column should be smooth, and there should be no unevenness.

   If there is a break in the isolation fence in the fence or at a road intersection, adjust the spacing of the columns as necessary. When crossing a river, when the width of the two banks of the river does not exceed 6m, they should be connected as shown in the drawings or with barbed wire; when the width of the two banks of the river is greater than 6m, the isolation fence should be set to terminate closed connection.

   When the fence net drawing requires that the column, support or anchor head be buried in the concrete foundation, the contractor shall install the necessary temporary cables or supports to fix the column in the proper position until the concrete hardens. During the 7d period of concrete curing, no materials or components should be installed or tightened on the columns, cables and supports. All uprights should be buried vertically and linearly in accordance with the requirements of the drawings.

   The fence mesh size and model meet the requirements of the isolation grid, should be firmly installed from the end of the column to the hook of the column in the manner specified in the drawing; or install the mesh in the frame, and the frame and the column should be firmly connected . All meshes and iron wires should be taut and not deformed, and their installation height should comply with the drawings. After the isolation barrier is installed, the column foundation needs to be *** compacted.

   Where high-voltage transmission lines pass through the installation isolation barrier, the isolation barrier should be connected to the ground wire in accordance with the regulations of the power department.

   When the wires are parallel or nearly parallel to the isolation barrier and the wires are above the isolation barrier, ground wires should be buried at each end or at a distance of no more than 400m, and the grounding resistance should be less than 10Ω (ohm).

   The above is the relevant content brought to you by the fence. I hope it can be helpful to everyone.

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