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Installation method of highway isolation network

Installation method of highway isolation network

How to install    highway isolation network:

(1) Stakeout survey: Stake out construction according to the design requirements of the drawings and the actual terrain and ground conditions, determine the center line of the column, and install the fence net according to the specified slope and linearity.

  2. The original ground treatment is an important prerequisite to ensure the smoothness of the fence installation line and the overall firmness. Before the column is buried, the weak foundation needs to be replaced and compacted to ensure its solidity. The installation of the pillars adjacent to the foundation pit is carried out in sections. Viewed from the longitudinal direction, the axis of the fence pillars should be in a straight line, and there should be no unevenness; from the height, the top of the pillar should be smooth, and there should be no unevenness. Except for terrain.

  3. According to the measurement and stakeout, set up benchmarks and white lines, fill and excavate the original surface and follow the slope, and rammed it again, and install the stakeout position to excavate the column foundation pit to ensure the size of the foundation pit.

(3) During the installation of the column, the stability of the column must be ensured and the connection with the foundation must be tight. During the installation of the column, a small line should be used to test the straightness of the column installation, and the local adjustments should be made to ensure the straightness of the straight line. The curve section is smooth, and the column fixation must meet the requirements of the design drawings.

5. The mesh must be firmly connected to the column, and the mesh surface should be installed smoothly, without obvious warpage and unevenness.

   6. After the column is temporarily positioned and installed, install the rails, and after ensuring that the installation is correct and firm, pour the concrete foundation and maintain it in time.

How to install highway isolation network