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Raw materials selected for wire mesh

Raw materials selected for barbed wire

The wire mesh is made of high-quality raw materials, green wire mesh, and strict quality control. Products include: welded wire mesh, expanded metal mesh, fence mesh, gabion mesh, perforated mesh, external wall insulation special mesh, Welded wire mesh (sheets) are produced in operations. Welded wire mesh is mainly used for cement production in civil engineering construction, feeding chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits and zoo fences.

Protection of mechanical equipment, highway guardrail, stadium fence, road green belt protection net. It can also be used as reinforcement in construction industry, highways and bridges. Used for mechanical protection, industry, agriculture, construction, etc. Expanded mesh is widely used in roads, railways, shipyards, agricultural buildings, water conservancy, etc.; various machinery, electrical appliances, window protection and aquatic breeding, etc.

Railway fence is mainly used for protective belts on highways, railways, and bridges; safety protection for airports, ports, and docks; parks, lawns, zoos, pools, lakes, and lakes under municipal construction Isolation and protection of distances, and residential areas. The company pursues the theme of customer first: adhere to the people-oriented, truth-seeking and pragmatic principles. Actively promote advanced production and management models.

  Barbed wire is mainly used for slowing down the movement of infantry and vehicles. There are two types: fixed and mobile. The fixed barbed wire is constructed with barbed wooden stakes and iron wires; the mobile barbed wire is produced by the factory and transported to the battlefield for temporary installation. The diameter is 70-90 cm. The galvanized barbed wire is about 10 meters long. The speed is fast, the anti-damage strength is high, and it can slow down the actions of cars and other vehicles.
Raw materials selected for barbed wire