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American scientist: Aliens have been looking for people on Earth

Thomas Hair, a mathematician at Florida Coast University in the United States, said: “Humans on Earth are either lonely intelligent beings in the universe, or mysterious aliens are very far away from us and haven’t found us. The existence of.” In early January this year, he published his own research report at the American Mathematical Society meeting held in Boston. He conservatively estimated that an alien has certain resources and science and technology to leave the home planet and travel to another star. The time required-calculated at a fairly steady speed, at 1% of the speed of light, it would take about 500 years to reach the nearest star. Currently, the speed of light travels approximately 186,000 miles per second.

   Haier also takes into account other factors, it takes another 500 years to build a new type of spacecraft, and then start space navigation, and so on. At the same time, calculations show that it takes several epochs for the intelligent civilization of the oldest star in the Milky Way to reach the earth. So, if there are aliens that can reach the earth, where will they live?

   He pointed out that aliens may have wiped away with humans on Earth, or still stay in their star system, or are in a state of self-cultivation and contentment.

   There are several factors that humans on earth do not listen to the call from the interstellar universe. Perhaps the most important is that we do not have any conditions that aliens need. Haier said: "Some alien civilizations may be very different from the biological understanding of earth humans. They don't need a planet like the earth. They don't need to reach the earth to steal our water and other materials. These materials are in It also exists in large numbers outside the solar system, where the gravitational effect is not strong, and they can obtain all kinds of materials at will. It is also possible that modern extraterrestrial civilizations have followed their inherent space routes for a long time, and these space routes have just bypassed Earth orbit."

   For whatever reason, human beings on Earth are ignored by aliens. If aliens really exist, they have no reason not to know our existence. The NASA Kepler telescope currently owned by humans on Earth can detect planets orbiting among other stars. Haier believes that if aliens live on a 5 billion-year-old planet like the Earth, and possess space technology similar to the Kepler telescope, the aliens only need to multiply and develop for 10 million years to have science beyond humans on Earth. technology. I believe that if there is intelligent life on an exoplanet, they will be able to detect us. Just the chlorofluorocarbons in the earth’s atmosphere will leak the existence of human beings on the earth.

  Chlorofluorocarbon is a type of compound that exists in refrigerants and aerosols. When it is exposed to ultraviolet rays, it releases chlorine atoms and can erode the earth's ozone layer.

Woods Halley, a physicist at the University of Minnesota in the United States, has published a book. The editor of ufo110 clue network has not seen the content of this book, but according to the online understanding, it is about prospecting and exploring extraterrestrial intelligent life. The book pointed out We are not fully equipped with the ability to recognize extraterrestrial life that may have reached Earth, and they have even been in close contact with us face to face. He told reporters that I think there are three hypotheses. Life in the universe is rare. I personally think this is a reasonable probability. Life in the universe is incredible. Every time you encounter it, it will be the same as what you saw last time. The results are quite different; life in the universe is uninteresting, which means that if you want to discover that there are scientific and technological limitations in alien intelligent creatures similar to life on earth, the current level of human science and technology is not yet developed.

  Haley said, I think these three hypotheses are possible, but most of the evidence is more inclined to the first possibility-earth human beings are rare intelligent civilizations in the universe