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(1987) The Soviet Union found the mummy of aliens

  Aliens's mummy (1987 AD)

Around November of this year, the former Soviet Union formed an expedition expedition team composed of astronomers, historians, physicists and other scientific workers. When investigating the Gobi Desert, due to two reasons Personally lost, everyone had to go back the same way, determined to find these two scientists before dark. During the search, they were attracted by a black-stained gravel belt, and followed this one which seemed to be dry. I walked over the deserted sand road, but I made a surprising discovery:

   They found a UFO in the desert. The diameter of the flying object was 22.87 meters and it was a saucer-shaped flying object. The flying object is half buried in the sand.

   What is even more surprising is that 14 alien bodies were found in this flying object. According to scientists, the flying saucer crashed at least 1,000 years ago. Due to the abnormal dryness and evaporation of Sha'ao, the corpses of the crew members of the crashed flying saucer were mummified, but quite intact. The body has been taken to a national research center near Minsk. Now, scientists are conducting further research on flying saucers and alien corpses. Although UFO incidents have been reported in the past, this is the first time that an alien's corpse has been obtained. It not only proves the existence of aliens, but is also a rare and precious material material for studying the aerospace technology of aliens, and its value is inestimable.

   This news was announced in Yugoslavia shortly after the Soviet scientist Dr. Duranok discovered the remnant of the flying saucer.