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Common bilateral wire power station fence net

Common bilateral silk power stationfence net

  The common method is mainly frame isolation protection net. Photovoltaic power station fence is not only used for photovoltaic power station fence, but also can be used for fences, storage protection and isolation in many industries. There are many types of photovoltaic power station fences. The common main types are bilateral wire power station fence nets, frame power station fence nets, expanded metal photovoltaic power station fence nets, chain link fence power station fence nets, etc. In order to have a decorative effect at the same time, anti-climbing fences and zinc steel fence nets can also be used.

   There are several types of fixed bottoms of the photovoltaic power generation fence. Photovoltaic power generation fence nets | net fences | fences are mainly used in solar power generation sites. Now the state advocates the application of photovoltaic power generation. This power generation panel needs to be maintained, and barriers are set up around to organize the misunderstanding of humans and animals. Then the derived metal mesh is photovoltaic power generation fence net | net fence | fence.

   Then there are several types of fixings under this photovoltaic power generation fence. There are two types of fixings for conventional fences. One is to weld the base at the bottom of the column and then use shrink screws to drive it down. The other is to lengthen the column and then fix it with concrete. These are two commonly used fixing methods.

   Nowadays, the most commonly used photovoltaic power generation fence is to extend the column, and then use concrete to fix it. Below we provide you with the following real construction picture. This is an elongated column and then poured with concrete. This picture is a bit far away, but it can also be seen. Use the base to fix it with shrink screws.

Common bilateral wire power station fence net