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What are the benefits of plastic-covered fence

What are the advantages of plastic coatingfence net

   People often ask whether a plastic-coated fence is better than a galvanized fence. In fact, these two kinds of fence nets have their own advantages. After the zinc is finished, dipping is performed, so that the advantages of the two are adopted to make it more perfect. Plastic-coated fence netting is also called plastic-coated fence netting or plastic spraying fence netting.

   It is actually a layer of plastic skin attached to the outside of the fence net to block it from the outside world, avoid being oxidized or corroded to reach the purpose of anti-corrosion and extend the service life. The thickness of the plastic coating layer is generally between 0.2-0.6 mm, the spraying thickness is generally 0.2-0.3 mm, and the thickness of the dipping plastic is generally about 0.5 mm. In addition to the anti-corrosion effect, another obvious feature of the plastic coating is to make the product more beautiful.

   There are two types of galvanized fence nets: hot-dip galvanized and cold galvanized. The purpose of galvanizing is the same as that of dipping. Galvanizing is also to prevent the fence from being corroded. The anti-corrosion effect of the hot-dip galvanized fence is completely inferior to the plastic-coated fence. The net, and even worse, is a bit monotonous compared to galvanized in terms of color and thickness. There is no red, yellow, black, green and other color decorations. It is less flashy but more heavy.

   Galvanization is often used in combination with the plastic coating process, which is equivalent to plasticizing the surface of the galvanized fence. In this way, the anti-corrosion of the fence can be better, and its service life can be greatly extended, and it can satisfy the requirements of appearance and add luster to it. Especially in the use of some civil engineering projects, major projects, etc., this method is used to make galvanized plastic-coated fence nets.
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