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The difference between fence and fence net

The difference between guardrail and guardrail net

  Guardrail product function: The guardrail is a rail made of steel or building materials. Seeing text and meaning, it can play a maintenance effect. It is mainly reflected in the maintenance effect of personal safety. The use of guardrails is very extensive. The classification of gates in large public places such as road maintenance and building maintenance for product users: better than the varieties of guardrail products, resulting in more complicated product classification.

   can be classified according to materials, decoration techniques, and appearance. Regardless of the classification, it is inseparable from the use of products, materials and processing skills. An outstanding grasp of the fundamental features of the product can help you quickly understand the product. Features of guardrail products: Simple environmental maintenance of guardrails is a building material that must be used in modern society. Beautiful structure and low price are important functions of modern building materials.

   Guardrail surface treatment: galvanizing, spraying, and surface treatment. The fence net is also a kind of existing fence products. He is primarily a product with railings and mesh stitching. This product is mainly used in large places such as highways, railway stadiums, industrial plants, etc., to prevent people from entering risky areas.

  More diversified products: structural fence nets, triangular fence nets, double-sided steel wire fence nets, double-ring fence nets, wave fence nets, blade barbed nets, fence nets, and barbed wire fence nets can be classified according to the scale of use. And can be classified according to the maintenance function of the process. Fence nets can be divided into two categories based on production characteristics. One is a welded grid, and the other is a grid. Barrier nets are classified according to their types: impregnated plastic fence nets, etc.

The difference between fence and fence net