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What is a green chain link fence

What is the green chain link fenceGuardian net

   Stadium fences generally we see are green chain link fence fences. The frame structure is chosen and the height is relatively high. Stadium fence net, chain link fence, commonly used in sports venues barbed wire fence products. For the appearance style of stadium guardrail, frame structure is mostly used, frame is round tube, and column is generally round tube. The thickness and diameter of round tube are manufactured according to user requirements.

   Stadium fence net piece, choose chain link fence. The chain link fence has the characteristics of strong flexibility and simple installation. On the basis of sturdiness and durability, the flexible function of the chain link fence is well retained, which is one of the important features that are different from other barbed wire fences. The size of the physical size of the sports fence, the size of the chain link fence, and the thickness of the post and the frame. These are the data parameters that we need to understand.

   Stadium fence, used for basketball courts, playgrounds, badminton courts, track and field venues, golf practice nets and other places. User friends need to learn more about relevant information when purchasing stadium fences, and distinguish between good and bad. Because these data are difficult to see with the naked eye. Basket court fence net is a new type of protective product specially designed for stadiums. This product has a high net body and strong anti-climbing ability.

   Basketball court fence is a kind of field fence, it is also called: "basketball court fence", which can be constructed and installed on site. Fencing products are characterized by strong flexibility and can be customized according to requirements. Adjust the structure, shape and size of the mesh at any time. Basketball court fence netting is especially suitable for use as court fences, basketball court fences, volleyball court grounds and sports training grounds with a height of more than 4 meters.

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