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What requirements should be paid attention to when choosing a fence

What requirements should be paid attention to when choosing Guardian Net

   Now every home will have many local railings, such as gardens, balconies, etc., and the fence nets used in each local area are different. Since the selection of fence nets has also become a big problem, the following is for us Introduce how to choose a suitable fence and what are the selection criteria for fence.

   is durable, economical and affordable. It uses high-tech skills to avoid special coating processes to produce coatings, so that the zinc steel fence has corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, weather resistance and long-lasting lubrication, flatness, and easy cleaning. Need maintenance. The diversification of style and structure design satisfies the needs of various places. When the fence is satisfied with the above functions, the fence should also satisfy the following requirements: We need to see what the mesh of the fence is.

  General meshes are welded by iron wires of different standards. The diameter and strength of the iron wires directly affect the quality of the mesh. In terms of wire selection, you should choose a product iron wire drawn from a wire rod produced by a regular manufacturer; The second is the welding or weaving process of the mesh. This aspect mainly depends on the proficiency and operating ability between skilled personnel and good production machinery. Generally, a good mesh can be well connected at every welding or weaving point.

   Some large manufacturers of regular fence nets all use automatic welding machines to produce them, while a small factory uses craft welding, and it is generally difficult to maintain the quality. The second thing to pay attention to is: the selection of the structure of the fence netting, some regular large factories use angle steel and round steel, but the angle steel and round steel used in different parts should also be different.

  The overall spraying process of the guardrail, generally speaking, the entire product should pay attention to the uniformity of the spraying, and the quality of the coating is also very important. The above are some of the knowledge points for us on how to choose a suitable fence. I hope to help us.
What requirements should be paid attention to when choosing a fence net