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The function and use method of highway fence

RoadFence Net Function and Use Method

Whether you are going shopping or working in office, you will see the fence net on the highway every day. Some people say that what fence is installed on the main road?

Actually, the role of fence nets can be great!

1. The highway guardrail net is to prevent vehicles from crossing the location of the guardrail, so as to avoid more serious traffic accident losses or casualties.

2. For the central divider guardrail, separate the oncoming traffic to avoid collision with oncoming vehicles; for the roadside or bridge side guardrail, prevent vehicles from falling off cliffs, rivers, lakes, or obstacles outside the road, etc. Collide.

How to install and set up highway fence:

1. Roadside guardrails are generally arranged according to the height of the fill, the slope of the side slope, and the condition of the protected object. Before laying out, familiarize yourself with the route along the route and the design of bridges and culverts, and consider them all;

2. The road bridge junction is the focus of the guardrail layout. Concrete wall guardrails are generally used on large and medium bridges, and there is a rigid-flexible transition process when they are connected with the corrugated beam guardrail, which should be paid attention to. The corrugated beam guardrail should be reinforced at this time and be firmly connected with the wall guardrail. In order to avoid the influence of expansion joints on the bridge, a section of wall guardrail can be added on the bridge abutment;

3. In the emergency telephone area of ​​the roadside highway fence, it is necessary to set up openings to properly protect the telephone facilities, and special consideration should be given;

4. Corrugated beam guardrails are generally provided for interchange ramps. When the radius of the curve is less than 70m, the usual guardrail board (single piece length of 4m) can no longer be used, and a special curved beam must be used. When designing, the number of curved beams should be counted separately according to different radii;

5. In areas with high retaining walls, consideration should be given to whether the foundations of the guardrail columns are firm. For safety reasons, wall guardrails can be installed;

6. Guardrails should also be set in the tunnel and properly connected with the guardrail outside the tunnel; 7. When the central partition adopts a corrugated beam guardrail, full consideration must be given to the cooperation with the embedded pipeline under the central partition. If a separate guardrail is used, the guardrail post and the embedded pipeline should be prevented from conflicting at the opening of the central partition. In addition, pay attention to sharp bends;

8. The use of corrugated beam guardrail with anti-blocking blocks not only increases the deformability of the guardrail, but also makes the post move backward, so as to ensure that the vehicle hits the guardrail plate first, and prevents the wheel from being blocked by the guardrail post, and has high safety performance. The design should be used as much as possible

The role of highway fence and how to use it