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A true narrative about the incident of being kidnapped by aliens on Earth

At 3 o'clock in the morning on January 5, 1975, a man in Baia Blanca, South America, Argentina, walked out of the restaurant. His name was Carlos Albert Diaz, F years old, working as a waiter in this restaurant. , From work at 8 pm to 3 am the next morning, a charity organization held a banquet that day, and just finished the work. He has a wife and one son. Although he is still young, he has a good income and a happy family.

   Dias was wearing a waiter's costume. With the newspaper he bought under his arm, he took the bus home as usual. He got off at the bus stop near his home about 3:30 in the morning. It was dark nearby, and he walked home quickly. When he walked about fifty meters away from his home, a flash of light suddenly illuminated his surroundings. Dias first thought it was lightning, but the light never disappeared, and there was no thunder sound for a long time. Dias was surprised and stopped. He looked around. It was hard to see, Dias found a cylindrical light that seemed to cover him, shining vertically from above!

   Dias was frightened and wanted to flee home with his legs pulled out. But his whole body seemed to be hit by a holding charm, and he couldn't move. At this time he heard a bee-like buzzing sound. And his body was sucked fifty centimeters off the ground, after which he became unconscious.

When    Dias woke up, he was lying naked on his back in the bed, which was a bit like a hospital operating table. It was a strange room, shaped like a hemisphere, like an upside-down bowl. The wall was translucent, like plastic. The diameter of the room was 2.5 meters and the height was about 3 meters. There was no furniture and no lighting fixtures. ,Machinery. But the interior is bright, the wall seems to emit a faint light, and the floor has some holes. Maybe the air flows in from there.

   "Where is this place?" Dias sorted through the hazy memories. It took a long time before he remembered the terrible encounter that happened when he was about to get home just now.

   "Yes, I was taken here by the decoration tube!"

   He burst into intense fear and anxiety, and his whole body was trembling with fear, but even more terrifying things were yet to come. Three strange creatures that looked a bit human entered the human room silently. Diaz almost fainted when he first saw them. Although the creature is shaped like a human, it has an "egg face" without eyes, nose, or mouth. Its face is only half that of a human. The head and face are green. The height is about 180 cm, and it wears milky white like rubber. Shirt. Tall and thin, with two arms. But without fingers, the ends are round, like a wooden stick. The food is uncomfortable. The skin is basically smooth, not even a single hair. Dias thought it was a hallucination or nightmare, so he opened his eyes and stared. But the three strange creatures were indeed there, and not only that, one of them a3 approached him and stretched out his beast-like arm.

   Dias yelled when he thought the other party was going to kill him, but the strange creature just pulled out one of his hair. Dias was also more relieved, but the strange creature stretched out the magic hand again and pulled out one of his hair. The strange creature IR repeated this action again and again. Dias wanted to resist, but he didn't know why he was frustrated, but his whole body seemed to be hard, and his hands and feet were completely unwilling.

The stick-like arm of the strange creature seems to have something like a sucker on the end. Just press on Dias’ head and he can easily pull out his hair, and, incredible, Dias feels no pain at all. . After a while, he began to pluck his chest hair and walked slowly around the bed as if observing Dias.

   "I might be killed." Dias was roughly enlightened, and he felt more hazy again, and finally completely lost.

   When Dias regained consciousness again, he was lying on the grass, the night had passed, and the sun was shining with eyes. There was the sound of cars coming and going not far away, Dias looked up. It turned out to be a highway, but the surrounding scenery was strange.

   It seemed that he had escaped, Dias felt relieved for a while, and then ate his surroundings. The handbag he brought with him when he left the restaurant and the newspaper he bought at the restaurant’s staff were on the grass beside him. "Am I having nightmares? I never get drunk and fall into the wild. Besides, I clearly remember to get off the bus. I'm almost home. How can I lie down on this highway? But it’s half past midnight..."

   Dias quickly took a look at his watch, the pointer stopped at 3:50. He suddenly felt sick and wanted to nausea, and was paralyzed on the ground. A few minutes later, a man driving through the highway found Dias who was struggling on the ground and drove him to the Central Railway Hospital in Buenos Aires. It was about 8 am on the 5th when I arrived at the hospital.

  K Health checked Dias. He was the first to think that his head was severely covered, and his memory was confused, because the place where Dias was first unconscious was 800 kilometers away from the place where he was found. Unless you take a high-performance helicopter, it is really difficult to move 800 kilometers in such a short period of time. Moreover, this strange patient is full of nonsense and absurdity.

   Dias was interviewed and examined by 46 K teachers of the hospital for four days. It was found that he had multiple hairs and hair loss on his feet. In addition, he was diagnosed with dizziness, gastrointestinal disorders, and loss of appetite. At the same time, a thorough brain examination was also carried out, but no abnormalities were found.