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The importance of fence mesh accessories

Fences The importance of accessories

Fence mesh accessories are an indispensable part of a finished fence mesh. Fence mesh is an important protective and isolated metal building material facility. Its stability, longevity, quality and other properties have become a hot topic in evaluating the quality of fence mesh. . We can't think that the small fence mesh accessories are of little use. Whenever there is a strong impact on the fence mesh, these small fence mesh accessories play a vital role.

The majority of fence mesh accessories are produced by bending machines, cutting machines, stamping machine tools and other mechanical equipment. The types of fence mesh accessories frequently used include: barbed wire U-shaped C-shaped column, anti-throwing mesh column , Dutch mesh columns, expanded metal columns and other types of columns. All kinds of flanges, flat iron rain caps, anti-glare net ears, railroad guardrail ears, steel grating clips, audio barrier clips, high-speed wave beam guardrail accessories, mobile guardrail accessories, chain link fence accessories and other products .

Guardrail accessories are the main hardware decorations necessary for the installation of various guardrails. Guardrail accessories are mainly used in: balcony guardrail, stair guardrail, road traffic guardrail, fence, fence, blinds and anti-theft windows. The main function is to fix, connect and decorate.

Identity status of fence accessories

On the surface, the shape of the invisible safety fence profile protection net of each manufacturer seems to be the same. In fact, there is a big difference. It is necessary to carefully compare the materials and materials of the invisible safety fence to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages. .

First look at the fixed accessories used to fasten the steel wire in the fence accessories: This is the hub that determines the quality of the invisible protective net in our fence accessories industry. This department is hidden, and customers cannot see it when they look at the sample window. Yes, so it is best for the customer to ask the manufacturer to take a piece of material when looking at the sample to clearly see the structure inside. At present, there are two main types of guardrail profiles in the market: plastic fixing pieces and self-tapping screws.

Installation accessories: Net and column screws are connected with various special plastic or iron clamps, all anti-theft screws are automatic. Accessories can also be designed according to specific requirements.
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