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Points for Attention in the Construction of Railway Fence

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The railway fence is an important transportation infrastructure, and the requirements for safety and practicality are more stringent. Columns are divided into galvanized steel pipes, peach-shaped columns, dovetail columns and C-shaped steel, etc. The mesh is divided into plastic-coated steel wire mesh, PVC-coated welded wire mesh, chain link fence, expanded metal and perforated mesh. The general structure is that the vertical column and the frame are connected by connecting pieces, and the mesh can also be directly clamped with the vertical column, bolted and riveted with the connecting piece, and the angle can be adjusted at will.

Railway fence net manufacturer Specifications:

Net height x net width (center distance): 1.8mx3.0m; 2mx3m; 2.6x2.8m 3mx3m

Conventional column requirements: ф48 × 2.5mm/2.0mm/1.8mm

Wire diameter range: 3.0mm~5.0mm

Mesh size: 50mmx200mm; 70mmx150mm

Problems that should be paid attention to during the construction of railway fence net

1. When installing, the construction unit should accurately grasp the various construction drawings. For the exact location of various pipelines buried in the roadbed, no damage to the underground facilities is allowed during the construction process.

2. If the column is driven too deep, the column must not be pulled out for correction, and the foundation must be re-compacted before driving in, or adjust the position of the column. Pay attention to controlling the hammering force when approaching the depth during construction. For railway guardrails, flanges should be installed, and attention should be paid to the positioning of the flanges and the control of the elevation of the top of the column.

3. The railway fence is a railway safety facility installation project and an important part of the highway appearance quality. The inherent quality of railway fence netting lies in the raw materials and processing process. Its appearance quality depends on the construction process. During construction, attention must be paid to the combination of construction preparation and pile driver, and continuous summarization of experience and strengthening of construction management are the guarantee of installation quality.

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Problems that should be paid attention to during the co<em></em>nstruction of railway fence nets